Initial Approval for amending scheme of existing hotel Establishment

Service Description

Issuing the initial Approval of the proposed engineering modifications to an existing hotel establishment, upon the request of the hotel establishment.

Execution Process

Submit the application and documents by visiting the Authority headquarters

Verification of the data received by the Authority staff

Organise and attend an appointment to discuss the submitted plans

Issuance of the initial Approval and Approval of plans


Valid passport copy of the applicant / applicants (if the owner is an  institution or company)

The trade license

A copy of the valid national identity 

The Business License

Two copies of the building plan size A2

Original copy size A3 and CD-ROM

Fees Details

1300 dirhams

Terms & Conditions

Fill out the application

Provide the required documents

Payment of fees and fines

Turn around time

Three working days

How to apply?

Please submit your request as per the above requirements to the following email

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