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Established in 1996, the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) promotes and supports the commercial and tourism activities in the emirate of Sharjah, developing these sectors through various events and activities, in addition to showcasing the emirate at local, regional and international levels.

SCTDA strategizes to further develop and promote the tourism industry in all its forms, highlighting and strengthening Sharjah’s advantages with a range of tourism-marketing activities, harmonising information-exchange, joint management of tourist assets, and provisions enabling tourists to comfortably enjoy a wide range of experiences and services in the emirate. The goals of marketing the emirate successfully, locally, regionally and globally is focused by carefully compiled, research driven strategies with the ultimate goal of promoting Sharjah as an attractive medium for foreign investment.

SCTDA uses all available means and a variety of media to raise public awareness of the unique features Sharjah offers as a special tourist destination locally, regionally and internationally. On the international front, SCTDA participates in events and activities to promote the emirate and place it on the international tourism and business map.

In its strategy to promote the emirate as a unique tourist destination, SCTDA focuses on Sharjah’s key factors of distinction and authenticity.

In coordination with other government departments and the private sector, SCTDA exerts a considerable effort to achieve development of the emirate of Sharjah, which is ranked among the most prestigious and distinguished commercial and tourist destinations in the world.

About Sharjah

About Sharjah

About Sharjah

Sharjah’s family oriented, gracious vibe is rooted in a captivating array of attractions and events from iconic festivals to amazing diverse outdoor landscapes and activities. Explore the golden desert sands, serene seas and ancient mangroves of the emirate while discovering new experiences in the way of food, culture, nature and history around every corner of Sharjah. Immerse yourself in the city’s famous food scene and encounter rich heritage in the museums, arts area and heritage sites of the vibrant downtown or dive into the emirate’s central region for unique and exciting adventures among majestic mountain ranges and explore the east coast for hidden gems surrounded by clear blue oceans. Over the years, the emirate has won numerous awards for its dedication to arts, heritage and culture. To name a few; UNESCO’s Cultural Capital of the Arab World 1998, Capital of Islamic Culture in 2014, Capital of Arab Tourism 2015 and most recently, UNESCO’s World Book Capital 2019.