SCTDA’s organizational structure is a reflection of the Authority’s role as strategic developer and supervisor of the tourism sector in the emirate.

Executive Office​
Senior Consultant Tourism Affairs​
Excellence Advisor
Exec. Administration Division​
Archiving and Follow up Division
Marketing & Communications​ Directorate​
Advertising​ Department​
Media​ Department​
Events & Projects ​Department​
Destination Development and Promotions Directorate​
Overseas ​ Promotions Department​
Domestic Promotions Department​
Industry ​Professional ​Training ​Department​
Tourism ​Standards​ Department​
Corporate Services Directorate​
Administration & IT ​Department​​
Finance ​Department​
Legal Affairs​ Department​
Human​ Resources​ Department​
Stakeholders Department​
Internal​ Audit​ Department​
Strategy &​ Excellence​ Department​