Issuing a desert tourist vehicle permit (new and renewal)

Service Description

Request for issuing a permit for a four-wheel-drive tourist vehicle for desert road trips in the Emirate of Sharjah through the electronic system.

Execution Process

Submission of the application with the required documents through the website

Verification of the data received by the Authority

Payment of fees

Issuance of the permit


To register in the system :

Fill out The registration form

A copy of a valid business license for the facility / operator for tourist trips

A copy of the Emirates ID card of the facility’s representative

A copy of the representative’s residence visa

A no-objection certificate for registration issued by the tourist facility to which the delegate / vehicle belongs. (The certificate must be stamped and printed on the establishment’s official paper)

Application for obtaining a permit :

Tourist vehicle permit application form
(If the vehicle is owned)

A copy of the registration card as a desert tourism vehicle
(If the vehicle is leased)

A copy of a valid lease contract for a period of not less than six months, provided that the remaining period is not less than the permit period

A copy of a comprehensive vehicle insurance certificate (the validity period of the insurance must not be less than the period required in the permit)

Equipment checklist required for a desert tourist driving license

A copy of a valid desert driving license

Fees Details

5000  dirhams permit for one year

3000 dirhams permit for 6 months

Terms & Conditions

Register with the electronic system

Turn around time

One working day

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