SCTDA HADAF E-Card service is a free, public service for Sharjah’s licensed tour guides that allows them to receive offers from two different categories gold and Silver. Use of the E-Card service is subject to all of the terms, conditions and policies applicable to SCTDA website. By using HADAF E-Card offers online, you agree to all of these terms and conditions and policies. SCTDA HADAF E-Card service is for personal, noncommercial use and is intended to provide offers to SCTDA licensed tour guides only. In using the E-Card services, you are solely responsible and liable to make sure you are presenting your original SCTDA tour guide license when benefiting from these offers.

SCTDA E-Card Redemption & Exclusions


These offers are applicable only as per the list provided.


E- Card cannot be used to purchase or to be sold to someone else, should be for individual use only.

Using your E-Card

  • No cash advances
  • Personal use only
  • SCTDA licensed tour guide has to present a valid Sharjah tour guide license when redeeming these offers, failing to do so will not allow you to benefit from these offers.
  • Checking your E- Card, expiry date and history.

Term of these Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions shall be valid from the date of publication on the website based on each offer; they are subject to change, which change will be effective upon publication of amended terms and conditions of these offers.

For more information on SCTDA E-card please contact: