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  Future Outlook SCTDA continues to implement its vision which aims to increase tourist attractions and add thousands of hotel rooms by providing an optimal environment for local and foreign investment. lovers. It also keeps abreast with the interests of entertainment seekers to enrich its event-packed year-round schedule. SCTDA is continuously improving and developing while innovating and expanding exhibition and convention tourism and marine tourism, with excellent tourist spots and infrastructure. SCTDA remains committed to providing tourists with an exceptional experience, focusing on the finest details - from the minute of their arrival until their departure. SCTDA seeks to expand its utilization of the latest technology and innovative applications to develop its business and relations with the targeted guests and support its plans for smart tourism. SCTDA aims to achieve Sharjah’s Tourism Vision 2022, by joining efforts of all concerned government departments and institutions with private sector companies in the airline, travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors. To ensure a sustainable tourism sector, SCTDA is also implementing several promotional plans to attract more tourists, by establishing strong awareness of its tourism services and projects and highlighting the latest developments of the Emirate's tourism activities and experiences. In addition to traditional tourism, SCTDA encourages and promotes alternative forms of tourism, such as green tourism and cultural tourism, to support Sharjah’s continuous efforts to establish the principles and practices of the optimal, long term, positive use of national natural, cultural and social resources. In its promotional plans, SCTDA focuses on highlighting Sharjah's unique and various tourism products offered to all family members from all age groups with different interests. Thanks to its distinguished tourist destinations, Sharjah can meet the needs of tourism, adventure, and outdoor activity ANNUAL REPORT   97 

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