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      The new brand identity of Al Rafisah Dam: Al Rafisah Dam Hangout includes many tourist services and places for children to play and enjoy their time in the wonderful view of the lake. The Hangout includes parking lots, a cafeteria, a supermarket, a mosque, a 55-meter artificial waterfall that flows into the lake, and a 730-meter long walkway, on the edge of the mountains, from the rootage of the dam, through farms, to the Fort, which is surrounded by palm trees, a group of local plants, and covered with the green hellebore. To enjoy the beauty of the scenery around the dam's waters, visitors can sail the excursion boats, rowing inside the dam, and feed the ducks in the water. Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority is working on developing a new brand identity for the dam, in order to provide distinguished experiences for the visitors, and enhance the dam’s position as one of the most beautiful and most important tourist destinations in Khorfakkan and the district as whole.   96  

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