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  ANNUAL REPORT     Village Najd Al Miqsar The village of Najd Al Miqsar, located at the top of a mountain in Wadi Shi, is one of the most important monuments and effects of the history and the historical heritage of Khorfakkan town. It is the oldest settlement inhabited by the people of Khorfakkan. It includes a number of old houses, which are primitive houses, similar to huts, which are called "the cranes", built of mud, gravels and plaster stone, and were roofed with "d'an", which are known as palm fronds and branches. Thirteen houses in the 100-year-old Najd Al Miqsar village have been converted into luxury homes and hotels in the Emirati Heritage Style. The upper fortress of the village, which was built 300 years ago and offers a view of the historical valley, from a height of 220 meters, has also been restored, in addition to a reception hall, a cafe, barbecue areas, outdoor areas and a mosque. Nine villas will be developed with private pools, villas with private farms, climbing paths, tracks for horse riding, and other facilities.   95 

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