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  ANNUAL REPORT     Resistance Monument: The Resistance Monument rises on one of the mountain peaks opposite to Khor Fakkan Square, and extends over an area of 393 meters. With its distinctive shape that features a helmet, it tells everyone the stories of the sacrifices and the epic heroism of the town people during the Portuguese invasion in 1507 AD. The corridors surrounding the monument provide a panoramic view of the city, where visitors can ramble inside the building’s 898-meter, that branch into two halls, one of them is dedicated to film screenings, and the other is dedicated to displaying the historical collections, dating back to the 14th century that the people of Khorfakkan used in their struggle against the Portuguese. Khorfakkan was an important commercial center in 1507 AD, and ships traveling in the district had often stopped in its port. The shops were located close to the coast for easy access. Khorfakkan people used the materials available in the construction of the buildings, and for this you will find that some of the buildings were built of palm fronds and branches, and others were built of coral and mountain stones. Khorfakkan was surrounded by a defensive wall 1.5 meters thick, located parallel to the mountains, and extending eastward towards the sea. In order for the people to provide more protection for the borders of their town, they had built towers on the tops of hills and mountain peaks, and established forts along the coast.   85 

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