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   Clock Tower: The Clock Tower consists of 7 floors, with a total area of 668 square meters and an area of 2532 square meters for the corridors leading to the Tower, topped by a huge clock with a diameter of 5 meters, that can be seen from all over the town. The Clock Tower is surrounded by a group of creative water fountains surrounding the Tower that operate on a clock system, which includes 12 main fountains, representing the number of hours and 60 sub-fountains, representing the number of minutes, water pour from its nozzles in a sequential system that reflects the timing, in addition to 4 other nozzles. The Clock Tower also includes two terraces for sightseeing. The first terrace is located on the fifth floor at a height of 33 meters, and contains a restaurant for the visitors, the second terrace is located on the seventh floor, at a height of 46 meters above sea level, and provides a wonderful view of the town and its surroundings, such as Kalba Lake, Sharjah University, Kalba Commercial Center, Qurum Natural Reserve and the surrounding mountains. The architectural heritage of the Tower is characterized by its modern Islamic decorations that cover all its sides, with a spacious dome covered with gilded mosaic, in addition to the various Islamic decorations on the four facades of the building.   84    

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