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Al Dhaid Fort: The historic Al Dhaid Fort consists of a square-shaped building, 32 meters long and 26 meters wide, includes a number of rooms that have been converted into exhibition halls, containing a group of historical exhibits of Al Dhaid city and its historic heritage. number of murals describing the caravan routes to and from the Al Dhaid town, while the kitchen entrance hall contains models of all of the tools that were used in the past in the cooking and types of spices, grains, and vegetables, and the granary and zakat resemble the security of the Fort, where farmers used to put their provisions of fruits, sorted and allotting a part of it for zakat. These halls include the Archives Hall, which is dedicated for displaying documents concerning the district, which belong to the ancient archives, while the Weapons Hall displays several types of weapons that were used in Al Dhaid town in the past. The Fort includes Liwan, which is the shaded hallway that was the place of family gathering for the Fort people, in addition to the Caravan Trading and Map Locations Hall, which includes a The Fort also includes a market that contains dozens of shops that vary between restaurants, bakeries and cafes. Next to the market, a mini-camel track was specially designated for camels to pass through, as a portrayal of the old caravans that considered Al Dhaid as their station.   82  

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