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   Continuous Innovation for New Sustainable Services SCTDA attaches great importance to the innovative services it provides through its official website in coordination with other government departments and private sector partners to support the rapid development of the Emirate. Such services are considered a valuable tool for the public, and further promote the Emirate as a global center for trade and tourism. These services include: ■ Workflow automation and digital signature, which led to paperless transformation by 80%. ■ Working remotely. ■ Connecting with numerous specialized government departments to collect fees and provide services. ■ Implementing the enterprise resource planning system for finance, procurement, and administration; and increasing the efficiency and accuracy of employees. ■ Enhancing IT efficiency. Social Responsibility SCTDA enhances its relationship with the community through its commitment to work with its employees and the local community to improve quality of life by implementing sports, cultural, governmental, and various other initiatives in partnership with government agencies and institutions. ANNUAL REPORT   73 

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