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  ANNUAL REPORT     Recommendations for a Smart and Sustainable Future Tourism companies and entrepreneurs. ■ Establishing strategic partnerships between government agencies and the private sector to develop tourism. ■ Focusing on technology and innovative services in the travel and tourism sector. ■ Extending the duration of the forum to two or three days with the inclusion of new events such as tourism entrepreneurship awards and a contest for tourism-related creative ideas. ■ Changing the forum's location to the Sharjah Expo headquarters. ■ Carefully studying Malaga's experience as a smart tourist destination. ■ Strengthening tourism relations with Ukraine and the Cherkassy region. ■ Holding a large-scale exhibition with networking sessions and workshops to engage stakeholders, visitors and exhibitors and enrich stakeholder participation in the event. ■ Improving smart tourism initiatives and using smart tourism tools to assist tourists in the decision-making process. ■ Monitoring web searches and destination-related activities and collecting data from numerous sources to understand and predict travel patterns. ■ Building a strong tourism ecosystem in partnership between the public and private sectors. ■ Targeting social media platforms and consumers to achieve optimal results. ■ Paying attention to content creators in the Arab world to create innovative content. ■ Keeping abreast with the ever-changing demands of travel enthusiasts and fostering innovation and openness to new styles and ideas. ■ Taking advantage of the attractiveness of the travel and tourism sector for young people by small and medium-sized   71 

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