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  The Impact of Smart Tourist Destinations on the Economy The session presented various statistics and data that illustrate the impact of the growth of technology- focused tourist destinations in the next five years, and Portugal’s Experience Forum visitors learned about Portugal’s experience as a smart tourism destination; the different ways Portugal collects, uses, and develops data (including big data) in the tourism sector; as well as how Portugal monitors all web searches and activities related to the country and collects data from many sources to understand and forecast patterns of travel, movement, and spending. how smart tourism can be a major driver in the recovery and competitiveness of the tourism sector and the labor market. Smart Tourist Destinations Elite local and international experts provided in- depth visions about the present and future of smart tourism. The focus was on the effective use of technology, sustainability, influence, local engagement, unique human experience, and optimal use of destination resources as pillars of smart tourism. ANNUAL REPORT   67 

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