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Targeted Tourism and Social Initiatives Hadaf Initiative The SCTDA launched the “Hadaf” initiative, which targets its licensed tour guides, and aims to open more prospects for those interested in the tour guiding license in Sharjah, support plans to empower young nationals, and enhance their presence in this vital sector. information to tourists about the sites, destinations and the cultural heritage of Sharjah and the UAE in general. The second branch is “Hadaf Rewards,” which is an e-card that provides a set of exclusive benefits, discounts, offers and rewards for tour guides holding the card and accredited by SCTDA in appreciation of their efforts in serving the tourism sector and visitors in Sharjah. The third branch consists of training tours supervised by specialists to monitor and evaluate the performance of tour guides on the ground while interacting with tourists and providing information. Hadaf initiative was divided into 3 main branches. The first branch consisted of virtual workshops on developing tour guiding skills. The workshops reviewed a set of tools and practices to enhance the skills of professionals in this field and keep them abreast with the latest global trends in the sector. They also raised awareness on the importance of providing accurate and comprehensive           62  

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