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  Children had their share of community initiatives launched by SCTDA, where they were encouraged to interpret their understanding of tourism through art workshops and tours. The result was adding a new targeted group of SCTDA trainees. Vocational Programs ANNUAL REPORT SCTDA provided a training program for chefs in the hospitality sector, where chefs in Sharjah hotels received specialty training on Emirati cuisine and its history to improve their skills in cooking Emirati dishes. Program name   No. of trainees   You’re @Sharjah, the Emirati Cuisine    20 Trainee   You’re @Sharjah, Introductory Level      16 Trainee    Shine in Sharjah         Trainee one      Total number of the vocational training program trainees  37 Trainee    No. of Chefs Trained in hotels within the You’re @Sharjah Program   61 

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