Page 56 - SCCI Annual Report 2021 English NEW
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New Website with Interactive Services SCTDA’s New Website ( An integrated interactive platform for all SCTDA services, with detailed information on all services, processes, fees, e-payment channels; in addition to an abundance of information and services, most notably, electronic licensing of hotels and tour operators. Furthermore, it includes detailed lists of all tour guide training programs and training initiatives, with details of the requirements and procedures of each program. It also presents tour guide incentive initiatives, including all exclusive offers for tour guides licensed by SCTDA and a guide with the names of all licensed tour guides in Sharjah along with their contact details. Additionally, the website provides access to the lists of tour operators, legislations, guidelines, annual reports, various performance reports, key indicators, and main tourism markets. promote Sharjah as a tourist destination using photos and videos which gained widespread following and interaction. In addition, the website offers licensing services of desert tourism (safari) vehicles, a statistical system services, and licensing services for hotels and licensing of tour guides. The website also includes vital data and guidelines that enrich the knowledge base of trainees, tour guides, and tourism companies, not to mention annual reports and legislations. SCTDA’s various campaigns and activities increased the number of the website visitors by 155%. SCTDA on Social Media SCTDA pays significant attention to social media. It has accounts on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to   54  

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