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Promotional campaigns In accordance with SCTDA's recovery strategy, two main local campaigns were launched in 2021: a winter campaign (Sharjah Bayn Yadayk), which was launched in conjunction with the World’s Coolest Winter Campaign, and the Sharjah Summer Festival. Statistics demonstrate the summer campaign’s success and positive impact on tourism, with participating hotels achieving 56% growth in hotel bookings and 16% growth in average revenue. The two campaigns aimed to promote and support local tourism and day visits and bookings with SCTDA's strategic partners. The design team accomplished 2,838 works of art in both campaigns, while the editors team edited more than 585,000 words in addition to editing promotional materials in the English language. The SCTDA and its local promotion team organized around 12 family trips for 316 guests, including tours for high profile guests such as ambassadors and their families and VIPs. The team also organized four media trips with journalists and bloggers to cover main tourist attractions, in addition to a tour of the east coast with social media influencers to cover the main features of Khorfakkan. Furthermore, SCTDA hosted the first cruise to enter Khorfakkan Port.   46  

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