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  Events and Festivals Sharjah is considered the city of festivals that attracts worldwide attention. The emirate’s annual events encompass several festivals and exhibitions, including: Sharjah Light Festival, F1H20 Sharjah World Championship, Sharjah International Book Fair, Sharjah Heritage Days, the Sharjah Biennial, and many more. The Emirate also hosts a multitude of year-round events attracting tourists, families, businessmen, and students. Wherever you go in Sharjah, you will find endless treasures waiting to be discovered. Many tourists choose Sharjah to enjoy recreational activities in festivals and events that celebrate UAE’s culture and traditions. Tourists can roam art exhibitions, streets lined with skyscrapers, and festivals especially designed for families, including many summer activities for children. Through its Events and Projects Department, SCTDA proposed organizing new events or participating in others after recovering from COVID-19. These events include:   40    

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