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  ■ Promoting the position of Sharjah as a distinguished family friendly, heritage, and cultural tourist destination. ■ Providing tourism pamphlets and organizing tours. ■ Achieving sustainable commercial development in the tourism sector to attract foreign investments, attract more tourists, and increase hotels and occupancy rates. operation of tourist trips. ■ Classifying hotels, hotel apartments, spas and vacation homes. ■ Inspecting hotel facilities, resorts and vacation homes; and controlling quality to ensure all establishments adhere to SCTDA classification criteria and regulations. ■ Issuing permits for desert tourist vehicles and ensuring adherence to rules and procedures of entering wild areas in Sharjah. ■ Tourism training and guidance. ■ Providing initial approvals to license the management and operation of hotel facilities and vacation homes. ■ Providing initial approvals to license the management and ANNUAL REPORT    17 

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