Page 14 - SCCI Annual Report 2021 English NEW
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About the Report The SCTDA Annual Report explores the main achievements of the tourism sector in 2021; most importantly its recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic thanks to the role played by various government entities in coordinating and monitoring efforts of all stakeholders across various levels and sectors to increase tourist influx to Sharjah. The report then moves on to present a detailed view of statistics regarding the number of international tourists, night stays in Sharjah, occupation rates in Sharjah’s hospitality establishments in 2021, the contribution of the tourism sector to the GDP, and Sharjah’s main tourism indicators. Furthermore, the Report discusses SCTDA’s strategy for local promotion through its organized events, and overseas promotion through international visits and agreements. Finally, the Report explores SCTDA’s digital and non-digital services in addition to the distinguished role played by the media and other integrated initiatives to improve tourism performance and ensure its excellence as an economic sector in Sharjah.   12  

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