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The Municipality maintains Sharjah beautifully landscaped parks of which there are over 40 spread around the city. 

Admission is usually free of charge with the exception of Al Jazeera Fun Park and Sharjah Desert Park. Opening hours vary from park to park but the weekends are the busiest. Whether large or small, all the parks have green lawns; purpose built play and seating areas and a variety of sports pitches (usually basketball, volleyball and football). All parks have a list of do’s and don’ts at the entrance advising if football, barbecues or cycling is allowed. Many parks let you take in food and drink, so you can have a picnic in the peaceful, green setting. The smoking of Sheesha pipes is not permitted in public.

Opening hours may change during the Holy Month of Ramadan and during the summer, with parks opening and closing later in the day.

Al Jazeera Fun Park

Built on a 100,000 square metre island in the lagoon nestles Al Jazeera Fun Park (+97165691202), one of Sharjah’s best loved treasures and a tranquil oasis away from the bustle of the city. For almost three decades this Park has entranced generations of youngsters who now bring their own children to experience its magic. A log ride speeding down into a pool with a big splash is a firm favourite along with a swimming pool, mini zoo and an amusement park with rides to suit all ages.

There are cars, boats, and a train that take visitors on a tour around the park allowing for you to plan your outing.  With so much to choose from more than one visit is a must.  And if you simply want to savour the peace and quiet of nature, take a stroll around the tree-lined walkways overlooking the lagoon or have a relaxing picnic on the well-kept lawns. A range of refreshments and souvenirs are available, and there is a mosque.

Sharjah National Park

This is Sharjah's biggest park covering 630,000 square metres and is located at Intersection No. 5, Sharjah/Al Dhaid Road. This park opens weekday afternoons from 2 pm - 6 pm and all day at the weekends and on public holidays from 10 am - 7 pm.

Green Belt Park

Green Belt Park (for ladies only) lies in the northeast part of the city of Sharjah, close to the Al Thaqafa (Cultural) Roundabout. The park also includes water fountains and an open theatre with four main gates.

Al Majaz Park

Al Majaz Park is one of the modern public gardens in the city and is close to the Khaled Lagoon. It has a central area for holding ceremonies and is a very popular place with plenty of child friendly facilities.

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