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Public Benefit Associations

Social development should not be restricted to government activity alone. Citizens should also have the opportunity to contribute to this field and should be encouraged and supported by the government. This is what happened in the UAE. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs supported the establishment of associations and social and cultural clubs in the country and provided all the means necessary to help them achieve their goals and to play their role in the process of social development. These associations facilitate three important functions within the community. The first of these tasks is to function as an umbrella under which individuals are able to participate actively in the community; secondly, such associations evoke the incentives for individuals to participate and play an important role in the community; and the third task determines the voluntary associations in additional fields that contribute to their high efficiency.

Objectives of non-profit associations’ management

The management of Public Benefit Associations works within the policy plan of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs according to the Federal Law No. 6 for the year 1974 and which was amended by the Federal Law No. 20 for the year 1981 and its objectives are:

  • The mobilization of voluntary efforts to work in the fields of social services.
  • Encouraging and supporting the activities of associations in order to increase the level of services provided in these voluntary fields.
Teachers Association +97165562999
The Sociologist Association +97165567722
Emirates Fine Arts society +97165684488
Emirates Writers Union +97165565588
The Theatrical Association +97165688558
Society of Accountants and Auditors +97165565555
Emirates Photography Society +97165688896
Society for the Protection of Arabic Language +97165244416
Emirates Volunteers Association +97165565444
Emirates Association for Consumer Protection +97165563888
Sharjah Women’s Union Society +97165672646
Sharjah Folklore Society +97165244788
Emirates Association for the Blind +97165247700
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