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Sharjah Light Festival

From: 10 February 2011
To: 18 February 2011
Location: 12 locations across the Sharjah

The Sharjah Light Festival is an event celebrating the art of drawing with light. Light combined with captivating music to create an exciting experience with a thrilling piece of art, bringing out Sharjah’s historic legacy and promoting tourism.

Visitors will be treated to exciting views of Sharjah’s distinguished landmarks and historic buildings as the audience will be entranced by the electrifying coloured lights that stream out of the buildings, complimented by enchanting music.

The organizing authority

Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority.

Key features of the festival

The Sharjah Light Festival is the first event of its kind in the Middle East, although these “light festivals are very popular in continental Europe and have been running for many years there. The festival utilises light and computer animation in imaginative and fun ways to “demolish” whole buildings, “redraw them” and “redecorate” all in the space of a few minutes. The shows are supervised by international experts with experience in organising similar festivals in Lyon, France and Berlin, Germany.

The Sharjah Light Festival will be using a new high quality light presentation techniques [light emitting diode (LED)] that consumes minimal power. In addition, the street lighting will be shut off while lighting shows are being conducted. SCTDA will also be striving to raise awareness of the electricity consumption by using new power-saving techniques.

The aim of the Sharjah Light Festival

The aim of the Festival is to strengthen Sharjah’s status as a prime international tourist destination, which is, to shed light on the emirate’s Islamic architecture and culture in the emirate, and to add fresh new events to Sharjah’s already exciting calendar.

The preliminary activities in 2010

The Sharjah Light Festival was officially launched on 2 May 2010, and the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry was lit up until 8 pm on 9 May 2010 to herald the event.

A promotional campaign will be run in order to shed light on the event. Locally, workshops will be held with government and private authorities in the UAE and Sharjah in particular to highlight the event. A series of meetings with schools, university students and the media will also be held to give people a better picture of the festival and its various events.

At a regional level, SCTDA is preparing to make promotional tours across the GCC to promote the festival. Internationally, the Authority will promote the Sharjah Light Festival through its participation in the biggest international tourism events.

The locations of the Sharjah Light Festival

The Sharjah Light Festival is to be hosted at 12 locations across the emirate, namely:

• Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Al Qasba (2 locations)
• Al Majaz Park
• Al Noor Mosque
• Palm Oasis
• The Central Souq
• Heritage Area & Arts Area
Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization
• Al Maghfira Mosque
Sharjah Hisn
• Cultural Palace Square
• Government department buildings (6) Al Layyah area.

The start of the Sharjah Light Festival

The start of the Sharjah Light Festival is scheduled to take place on the 10th of February 2011 and last for nine days till the 18th of the same.

Other events accompanying the Sharjah Light Festival

There will be accompanying events that will provide visitors with an unforgettable experience in Sharjah. These events will be announced later.

The logo of the Festival

The Festival logo symbolises light in general, while the red circles denotes particles of light that, when they come together, form amazing  artistic drawings on Sharjah’s various landmarks.

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