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Visitor’s Guide

SCTDA produces this handy pocket size guide in Arabic, English, Russian, Chinese, German, Turkish, Italian, French, Spanish and Swedish providing essential and interesting information for tourists, on what to see and do whilst visiting the Emirate.

Sharjah Mini Map

Available in English, Arabic, and coming soon in Russian, Swedish and German, this map helps visitors find their way around the city, with details of the main roads, districts, landmarks and key references for hotels, museums, shopping malls, souks, cinemas and parks.

Sharjah My Destination

Published annually in English by SCTDA, this colourful handbook details the cultural, shopping and sightseeing destinations in Sharjah Emirate and also contains a hotel guide, list of useful contacts, travel facts and a city map.  

Sharjah Business &Tourism DVD

This DVD highlights all the visitor attractions that have positioned Sharjah on the international tourist map, and showcases the business and commerce opportunities and advantages the Emirate offers. The DVD is available in 11 different languages: Arabic, English, Greek, Russian, German, Swedish, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese and Turkish.

Sharjah & the East Coast Map

Visitors and residents can navigate their way around Sharjah and over the mountains to explore the east coast towns of Khor Fakkan, Dibba Al Hisn and Kalba. Produced in Arabic and English, the map details the city and towns to be found on both coasts.

The Best of Sharjah

Produced by long term residents and published by SCTDA, the Best of Sharjah is a popular guide for both tourists and residents, as well an information source for the travel and tour operators throughout the world. It provides up to date and accurate details on all aspects of living in and visiting this Emirate.

Sharjah Mini Fliers

This attractive series of fliers, produced in Arabic and English, allows the visitor to select specific information on the tourist attractions Sharjah offers, be it the shopping malls and souks, annual events and activities, the museums and cultural attributes, or the sights to be seen in the different regions of the Emirate. The fliers are available in all the hotels and hotel apartments, government departments, and can be picked up at the SCTDA stand at Sharjah Airport.

SCTDA Magazine

A quarterly publication introduced in 2010 and available in Arabic and English, that gives an attractive round up of recent and forthcoming events in the Emirate and highlights the activities of the Authority. The magazine contains useful information for all sectors of the market.

Date File Size
May - July 2010 5.84 MB
August - October 2010 4.12 MB
November- January 2011 4.44 MB
February- April 2011 7.41 MB
May - July 2011 3.61 MB
August - October 2011 2.73 MB
November - December 2011 6.32 MB
January - March 2012 3.88 MB
April - June 2012 2.18 MB
July - September 2012 3.5 MB
October - December 2012 3.6 MB
July - September 2013 3.9 MB

Sharjah’s Architectural Splendour

Published by SCTDA, this striking book takes the reader on a visual journey through Sharjah’s stunning architecture, with images that portray the Emirates strong interest in preserving Islamic culture and Arabian heritage.  The publication is backed up with analytical and informative text that explains how traditional architecture has blended with the needs of a modern city.

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